1964-1995 The L.A. Years

During the 1964 – 1995 time frame, Los Angeles was my home and base of operations. (However, I took a 20-25-year hiatus from regular photographic pursuits after about 1978.)  Here are links to some of my work done in that part of the world.  (Some links will take you to other websites, but I intend to gradually consolidate everything-LA here.)

Desolation Row – Los Angeles 1973

The Pumpkin and LA Smog

Pumpkin Again

1972 – Alvarado and MacArthur Parks

Los Angeles County Fair, 1972

Today’s Discoveries

Mirror in the Sky

Mostly Venice, 1974

Mostly Venice, 1974 – Part II

Mostly Venice, 1974 – Part III

Mostly Venice, 1974 – Part IV

Mostly Venice, 1974 – Part V

Mostly Venice, 1974 – SPARC

Venice, 1970s: More

A Slice of 1977 Venice History

Easter Sunday, Venice – 1972

Venice Beach, Circa 1974-76

Venice Beach, Forty Years Ago

Venice Beach, Part III

Venice-Ocean Park-Santa Monica, 1975

Point Vicente, 1975

A Winter Day at the Beach, Forty-One Years Ago

From the Distant Past (Landrover)

Mostly Venice & Santa Monica – 1974

Mostly Venice & Santa Monica, 1974, Continued

The Bicycle Days, Santa Monica Canyon -1975

Santa Monica Canyon Backyard – 1975

Santa Monica Canyon Living – Summer 1975

Santa Monica Canyon – 1975, Continued

Humans, 1975

More From The LA Past, Circa 1970 (Kodachrome, too)

More From The LA Past, Circa 1970 (Kodachrome, too)

1969: Hollywood – Griffith Park

1969: Wilt Chamberlain and the Lakers

Long Beach June 1972: Rolling Stones Concert