Jerry Uelsmann has made one-of-a-kind photomontages for many years.  At the time I encountered him he was combining images in real-time with multiple enlargers.  Pre-Photoshop.  In fact, he demonstrated this technique to a group of us assembled in Ansel Adams’ Yosemite darkroom.  Here are a few of my photographs of Jerry in 1973.

And here is my “Ode to Jerry Uelsmann”, whereby I tried my hand in 1974 at double-printing, in a one-off, never to be repeated attempt, merging my 1969 image of “The American Dream, Davenport, Iowa” with a 1974 image of “Lynne on the Malibu Rocks” …

For a little more on Jerry’s techniques, see this 2012 video by filmmaker Bill Suchy: