The Pumpkin and Los Angeles Smog, Forty-Eight Years Ago

When my friend Kevin, an avid Porsche enthusiast and European car collector, saw a recently-rediscovered but previously-rejected Kodachrome slide from 1969 of my 1966 Porsche 911, he offered his Photoshop services (he’s a filmmaker and media arts professor at the local university) in an attempt to rescue the image from its grossly faded and discolored and seemingly irredeemable condition. So here is one work-in-progress version of the thing, showing the car (aka “The Pumpkin”) atop Mt. Washington, east of downtown Los Angeles, with the overview of the city and basin below obscured by the dense smog. Probably shot with either my 1960s Nikon F or an old Minolta.

The Pumpkin (Kevin Roy Remix)