Human Resources Department

[originally published 1/24/2016]

You met some of my Apache project staff earlier.  Here (in spite of promises to avoid photos of personalities of no conceivable interest to our viewers) are some more, pictured in the spring on the steps of our temporary Tribal base of operations.  From left to right, with their known origins: the engineer/free thinker (Santa Barbara, CA); the pianist/accountant (Tucson, AZ); the pool shark/Special Forces/investigator (LA); the psychologist (Washington, DC); the historian/sociologist/financial auditor (Boston, if I recall); the guitarist/auditor (Eugene, OR).

Not pictured: the mathematician, the computer guys, the contract Apache interviewers/translators, the contract economists & anthropologist and maybe some others I forgot.

And the engineer and his family again — an exception to the bachelorhood of all other full-time, onsite staffers (who were all LA office personnel, except for the psychologist) …

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