Desolation Row – Los Angeles, 1973

I don’t know if I could ever find this place again, and it surely can’t look like it did in late 1973.  My friend, a small-time real-estate speculator, took me to this no man’s land of a short stretch of beach hillside in the LAX airport flyover zone.  He pointed out that this was beachfront property at wildly bargain prices.  The day of our visit was accompanied by stifling heat and smog and Santa Ana winds that only punctuated the bleakness of the mostly-unlandscaped and barely populated area.  Every few seconds a jet would blast away our conversation.  Where was this?  Perhaps just west of El Segundo, or maybe a bit north of that?  Google Maps?

UPDATE March 3, 2016: Desolation Row Follow-Up

Angelenos (past, present, on & off) Corbin and John both have ID’d the stretch of wasteland in the previous post.  Dockweiler State Beach and proximity.  That’s a great (and sometimes awful) thing about the Interwebs … just ask (when you’re too lazy or harried to Google).