Sans Visage 2: Friedman First Cut [added 11/9/21]

Faciem Obscurus / Sans Visage [added 11/6/21]

Heart Workshop Stuff:

This page is being created to give a home for the time being to some of my personal projects that are arising from the nascent “… Straight From The Heart” workshop being developed by Jim Friedman (more about that later).  For now, these projects seem to be emerging, at least in my mind:

I should note that our dear Mr. Friedman is taking me far out of my comfort zone by encouraging me to  undertake a “technical” exercise when I have never regarded myself as any kind of photographic technician.  I will probably talk about that some more as we proceed…

UPDATE 4/2/2021 – Raw Materials

Artist Letters (Rico)

UPDATE 7/10/2021 – An Exercise in Variations

The July Variations of Self