Bill and More Bill

From March, 2020.  Bill sent me his selfie, and I re-interpreted it based on my customary style:

Bill and I continued to collaborate in a fashion from time to time after I left Los Angeles, most recently with this photograph that I made in 1975 of Bill, with Bill animating the image in 2017.

CORRECTION & UPDATE (8/24/21): Our collaborations were more recent than indicated above. The latest I have discovered so far would be Bill’s re-imagining of my March 2020 photograph of wife Kim, but I can now only find traces of our discussion about the thing, while the thing itself in its Wertz-ized glory, has been misplaced (for now; I’m still looking and have asked Nancy to be alert for it in her rummagings).

CORRECTION NO.2 (8/24/21):  Yet another even more recent (maybe there’s something to the durability of long-term memory and the debilitation of short-term for the aging person, after all) co-creation surfaces, resulting in Bill’s “Tomahawk of Love” item about five months ago.