A Past in Paris (1983, Remembering Bill)

[originally posted on 8/17/21 to my Porsche blog]

In going through my box of letters and whatnot from recently-deceased friend Bill, today I find some clippings he sent to me from the Thursday June 30, 1983 edition of a newspaper in Paris where he lived then.  He indicated that the exchange rate was something in the neighborhood of 8 francs: 1 USD, so do your due division (not to mention magnification/zooming).  First, he sent a section of used Porsche (I drove a 911, and we were both fans) listings:

Porsches for sale in Paris, 6/30/1983

And Bill also enclosed some listings for other interesting cars:

This reminds me, of course, of our shared passion for motorsports and interesting cars. The first car I associate with Bill was his old Volvo (PV544? PV444?). More about that topic to come.