Abstract Destiny Over the Years

I’ve been scouring my studio and storage archives, my correspondence and what remains of old email for images of Bill’s work that he shared with me.   Most are digital email attachments, some are from links to his online galleries, and quite a few were wonderful 16×20 and 18×24 and larger prints (to be treasured forever).   Some may duplicate images he also posted to Facebook and elsewhere online.  (see notes at bottom of this page)

Here’s what I have rounded up so far.

Monochrome Large Format

In our early years of Death Valley trips and adventures like the Great Tunafish Expedition, Bill often used a vintage 12×20 banquet camera as well as a more common 8×10 view camera.  Some of these images were likely taken with such cameras.



Red Series

Street Photography

Culture © William J. Wertz


More AbstractDestiny

Forest © William J. Wertz

Missing in Action: I haven’t yet located Bill’s photograph he made of Jim Morrison’s gravesite in Paris (which was made into a commercial poster), nor have I been able to visit one of my storage sites in Oregon which should contain some of the 16×20 icon prints, among others, that Bill sent to me.
(NOTE: The titles indicated are Bill’s own, but he was notorious for not dating his work, even when encouraged to do so.  Some of the mentioned dates are probably dates of online posting or emailing; actual creation dates I rarely knew.)
(NOTE 2: “abstractdestiny” was one of Bill’s online handles.)