Bill’s Bio

My 1990s prototype website  (mentioned elsewhere in these memorial posts) included most of this information, subsequently updated and used in George’s 2004 version of Bill’s site.  In my subsequent conversations with Bill, he mentioned a number of sales and commissions and events that would seem to warrant inclusion, but never got nailed down for purposes like this.  Perhaps his more-proximate friends and colleagues could help with relevant updates that for any highlights that have been missed so far.  Contact me if you can help with specifics!

Thanks to help and contributions from Nancy Wertz Prentice and Roger Camp!


1946  Born, Long Beach, California (3-12-46)
1966  Viet Nam, U.S. Army Helicopter Mechanic
1969  Brooks Institute of Photography, Santa Barbara, California
1971-78 Photography Expeditions – Mexico, Guatemala, Costa Rica, Panama, Peru
1977  Meets Roger Camp to begin new photographic relationship and friendship
1978  Traveled with Roger Camp to Spain, France and Morocco
1979  Met legendary photographer W. Eugene Smith (considered a highlight of his life)
1980 Met Nathalie Robert during Christmas trip to Paris
1981  Moved to Paris, France
1983  Set Up Glass Studio with Nathalie, 4 Rue De Braque, Paris, France
1987-88 Lived in Oman during production of palace crystal dome project
1988 Moved with Nathalie to farm outside Paris and set up new studio
1989  Returned to Long Beach, California, set up studio
1990-2009  Taught photography and stained glass classes at Golden West College, Huntington Beach, California
2010-2021 Lived in Long Beach art studio producing digital art, glass sculpture, painting and photographs. Restored and repaired antique film and still cameras, watches and other vintage equipment.
2021 Deceased, Long Beach, California (8-3-21)

Exhibitions and Publications

1978  First Biennial Juried Exhibition (Photography): Los Angeles Municipal Art Gallery
1979  Two Person Exhibition, Color Photographs: Roger Camp, William Wertz, Status Gallery, Laguna Beach, CA, May 6 – 23
1979  Group Exhibition, Long Beach Unlimited, Phipps Gallery, Long Beach, CA, November 27 – December 29
1981  Group Exhibition, Photography Auction Exhibition, BC Space, Laguna Beach, CA
1982  Two Person Exhibition (with Roger Camp), Contemporary Works, Jordan-Robert Patisserie, Long Beach, CA,
1986  One Man Exhibition: Gallery Quartz, 12 Rue Des 4 Vents, Paris, France
1986  Group Exhibition: Hommes De Verre, Bibiotheque Forney, Paris France
1986  Piece Accepted in Permanent Collection, Museum of Decorative Arts, Paris, France
1987-89 Crystal Dome Project: Sultanate of Oman, Oman (160,000-plus pieces)
1988  Included in (book) “The Glass in France 1980’s”
1989  Kurland Summers Gallery, Los Angeles, California
1994  Group Show: “Contemporary Glass: Form and Function,” Finegood Gallery, Woodland Hills, California
1994  Imago Gallery, Palm Desert, California
1994  Highline Gallery, Aspen, Colorado
1998  Davis Gallery, Scottsdale, Arizona
2001  Decor, Newport Beach, California
2001  Pismo Gallery, Beaver Creek, Colorado
2003  Back Alley Gallery, Aspen, Colorado
1990 – 2009 Various faculty shows: Golden West College Gallery

Commissions and Collections

Apple France: Corporate Office
Tecno France: Corporate Office
Knoll France: Fountain Project, City Hall, Bagdad, Iraq
Bank Casse De Deport: Paris France – Permanent Collection
King of Morocco: Private Office, Casablanca, Morocco
Saudi Arabian Ambassador to France: Residence, Riyadh
Nicholas Franco: Private Residence, Madrid, Spain
Museum of Decorative Arts: Paris, France – Permanent Collection
H.E. Sayyid Hamad Bin Hamood: Residence, Oman
John Sculley, Apple Computer: Private Office
Ostern Foundation: Private Residence
Fender Musical Instruments Corp.: Permanent Collection
Al Hendrix (Father of Jimi Hendrix): Permanent Collection
Guitar Center Corporate: Permanent Collection
Paul Allen Foundation
Thomas A. James: Private Collection