Dennis Trombley Remembers Bill

Dennis Trombley, friend of Bill Wertz since their teenage years, sends along some photographic memories he captured and wants to share with us.  Thanks, Dennis!

All following photos (except as noted), captions and descriptions by Dennis Trombley.

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Diana Trombley and Bill, Paris (October 1981)

“As I recall this was our first trip to Paris and Bill was taking us around to acquaint us with the city. Nathalie was working as an interior architect at the time, so we only got to see her in the evenings and weekends. We had stopped walking for a brief break.”

Wertz in Huntington Beach (1970s)

“Bill acting out with his “frustration doll” after many hours in office/darkroom working on prints. He was living in an apartment on Walnut Street, downtown Huntington Beach, California, early 1970s.”

Bill at Pleasure Faire (May 1975)

“Bill at Renaissance Pleasure Faire, Agoura Hills, California. He was exhibiting stained glass windows along with Larry and Jill Cooper.”

Renaissance Pleasure Faire: Dennis, Diana and Bill  (May  1975)

“Bill with Diana and Dennis Trombley at Renaissance Pleasure Faire, Agoura Hills, California, May, 1975.”

(photographer unknown)

Dennis & Bill at the Yucatan (1971)

“This shot was taken on a trip to the Yucatan with Bill and his 2nd wife, Judith Ann, and Diana and Dennis Trombley. Bill was our guide because he had been there previously with an archeologist friend. This was just before the Cancun area was developed and the Yucatan was still very primitive and difficult to find and access some of the lesser known Mayan ruins.”

(photo by Diana Trombley)

Bill & Nathalie in France (1986)

“Bill & Nathalie on Bill’s 40th birthday, May, 1986. Photo taken on their farm property located about an hour outside of Paris.”


In France for Bill’s 40th Birthday (1986)

“Photo taken on the property of a very old river rock farm house with waterwheel/mill on a small river about 45 minutes outside of Paris. Nathalie had done a complete restoration of the building and completely redesigned the interior to be a beautiful mix of modern conveniences and antique furniture and decor. The mill was owned by one of the founding owners of one of the large New York department stores. Bill is fishing the stream with his surprise birthday gift from Dennis of a fishing pole and hand-tied flies done by a fly fisherman from Long Beach, California, who had fished all over the world, including this exact area of France.”