James Nachtwey

Tonight, while browsing on TED, I came upon something I hadn’t known before — that James Nachtwey was one of three 2007 TED Prize winners. Nachtwey, for those who might not know, is perhaps one of the most respected photojournalists — particularly as a documentarian of war — of our time, and is one of the photographers I have most admired. He has done a lot of work for Time magazine, and was himself the subject of a documentary, “War Photographer” a few years ago. Sort of this era’s Robert Capa. His TEDtalk:

Examples of his work can be seen at his Witness website as well.

I have had “War Photographer” languishing on my Netflix queue for quite a while, but I think I will move it up to the head of the line now, as I have never seen it in its entirety — only YouTube clips.

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