Top 50 WTF Moments In Comics

hitler-vs-captain-americaJust stumbled across this one. A fascinating site it is. Among other things, I learn that Captain America was fighting the Nazis at least a year before the United States entered World War II.

Back in the 70s, in my SPARC days (more about that sometime), I worked with a cartoonist, Rich, who was a Hanna-Barbera refugee. In his spare time, he was creating comics and turned me on to some really obscure stuff, mostly politically-oriented. I will have to dig that out sometime. Also a note to myself to search (in my infamous basement/garage storage spaces) for my copy of the allegedly first comic book created entirely on a Macintosh. Done in the mid-80s, what was it — Shatter or something like that? While I am at it, I also should resurrect my old photo-based comic strip, done to celebrate the birth of my son. Watch this space.

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