Brubeck Meets Adams

1971_ansel_Yosemite_400x616While visiting NPR’s music site in connection with a previous post on my music blog, I came upon an unexpected connection.

In earlier posts, we mentioned how Ivi was turned on to Dave Brubeck’s classic Take Five and the “Time Out” recording from 1959 and how Overdub had done a mashup of Take Five with Radiohead.

Well, it turns out that Brubeck — now 88 years old — together with his son is composing a tribute to Ansel Adams and his photography. You can hear some of this music and interviews, along with statements from the late Ansel, at NPR:

When I studied with Ansel in Yosemite in the early 70s (where I got to work in his darkroom at one point!), he was fond of comparing photography with performing and composing music, and often regaled us with tales of his early experience as an aspiring concert pianist. (see regaling photo)

So, once again, an opportunity to thrust Ivi — on the heels of her critical examination of the Time Out album — into a connection with my library of photography books, including my autographed copy of one of Ansel’s.

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