Windshield Photography, Again

Like many who are compelled to make photographs, I carry a camera almost everywhere I go.  As regular readers may recall, I involve myself in “Windshield Photography” just about any time I am in an automobile as a non-driving passenger.

Today I  rode with my daughter for a few hours over an interstate highway.
20150815-DSC_0033One of the difficulties (not to mention the obvious concerns of constantly changing camera angles, movement, etc.) involved in the practice of Windshield Photography is the effect of glass — tinted, reflective, dirty, whatever — interposed between subject and camera lens.   Color consistency and fidelity becomes almost impossible to achieve without a lot of post-production work.  But conversion to black & white is one possible response, as shown at top and below:


And while we are at it  (from today, but not through window glass) …

fwiw …

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