Kosher Burritos and the Manson Girls (1972)

Lunchtime, during my GAO years, when I was working in the downtown LA office rather than on a job site or flying around the country, often meant strolling to nearby quick food eateries like Philippe’s or those found on Olvera Street or many other neighborhood ethnic destinations.  One day in February 1972, a few of us walked past City Hall on our way to the Kosher Burrito (a most wonderful and inexpensive source of burritos featuring ingredients such as corned beef).  In 1971, if memory serves, Charles Manson had received a death sentence, but the death penalty was about to be overturned by the state Supreme Court.  Manson supporters, some of the Manson Girls who had not been criminally charged, were keeping a vigil outside City Hall, where I photographed them on my way to lunch.

[originally published as a WhileBusy post on January 27, 2017]
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