A Murder of Crows, and It Got Worse From There

This morning as I left my front door to begin my customary daily walk of a couple of miles to my downtown workspace, I saw what appeared to be a Mercedes BiTurbo V8 lurking in the shadows almost directly across our street. I also saw a grouping, maybe enough to constitute a murder, of crows on the sidewalk in front of me facing across the street toward the M-B. I quickly composed a photograph in my mind whereby I would shoot the scene of the Mercedes with the crows swarming toward and around it. But they scattered in the other direction as I approached, leaving me with just this unremarkable composition.

Mentally filing the experience away as a possible future Photoshop project (compositing images of crows to my capture — but only if that continues to seem like a good idea), I grabbed another view of the car, perhaps to be added to my collection of cars hidden in or emerging from shadow. (On my daily walks, I often share sightings of interesting cars with my equally-obsessively-challenged car buddies.)

Continuing on my walk, I briefly noticed about a block distant a street person who was loudly cursing and railing against someone or something unseen — not a terribly uncommon sight along this particular stretch of Second Avenue (itself a subject of an ongoing photo-documentary project). So I paid little attention and continued on my path. Suddenly, the 911T of a new acquaintance, Michael, buzzed by, so I engaged in a little fast-action spontaneous street-shooting practice, stepping to the curb to start a slow burst following his car.

But just as I had pretty much given up tracking Michael’s drive-by, the aforementioned street person appeared almost in my face; she had stepped off the sidewalk and glared at me as she swiftly strode past. So this turned out to be the final frame in the Michael 911T burst; photobombed by a rather agressive and hostile passerby.

The day’s not over yet. We shall see what further develops.

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