Fording the Minam River (1963)

About fifteen years ago, my mother-in-law showed me a stash of old photographs she had then recently re-discovered.   One color slide, dated 1963, showed my spouse at age 13 as she was swimming her horse across the turbulent Minam River in the mountains of Eastern Oregon.  The original slide was in very good condition, quite sharp and well-exposed. My MIL could not recall who would have done the photographic honors.   This slide showed a fairly wide overall view, revealing not only both sides of the river and Kim’s friend waiting with her horse on the shore for her turn to cross, but the surrounding forest, mountains and sky.  In an experiment, I scanned the slide, then cropped it to a very small percent of the original (wish I could find that slide now for direct comparison), just framing Kim and her horse.  The result, tolerable if the viewing distance is not too close, is shown below and represents my rescan today of the framed 8×10 printed image that we recently unpacked after not having displayed it for several years.

(original photographer unknown)


And I shall immediately supplement my KAE collection of my own work with this image as well.

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