With Apologies to Minor White & Imogen Cunningham

Today I was searching my library, looking for the book that contained one of Minor White’s most memorable (to me) images.  In the course of that exercise, I came upon another unrelated image which I quickly captured with my cell phone as a “visual note” for more research.  However, my phone’s battery seemed to die midway into the exposure and this was the accidental result:

Defective Cell Phone Capture: Portrait of Minor White by Imogen Cunningham, Date Unknown

A little dip into the internet tells us that Cunningham made this portrait of White around 1960.

The image I was originally chasing? I was remembering this one — in connection with my current in-progress “Shadow Daddy and Frank” project — as captured by my phone (before it died) from the Minor White: Rites & Passages 1978 Aperture publication:


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