Meeting Ron

Today, as I walked around the my home turf in my usual octogenarian’s attempt to keep body functioning, I came upon this gentleman when I passed through the alley which happened to be behind his house and studio.  Ron turns out to be a fine  and fascinating artist who maintains a sidewalk “Tiny Art Gallery” in the manner of the “Little Library” phenomenon that you may have encountered in your own neighborhood.  I had dropped by his sidewalk gallery many times, especially during the height of the pandemic, but we had never crossed paths personally.   And it was not until well into our alley greeting and conversation today that I realized that he was the artist behind the sidewalk gallery.  Of course, I eagerly accepted his invitation to come into his backyard and see his workshop and studio where I quickly snapped off some documentation (before I dropped and damaged my already-barely-functioning 12-year-old point’n’shoot walk-around camera).


I almost did a double-take when I got a look at Ron — he was almost the spitting image of the Ansel Adams I had encountered back in 1973.

Here’s a bit more of a quick look around in Ron’s back yard, including scenes in and around his shop and garage, and inside his delightful “portable” standalone studio. (I tried to shoot some of the art pieces in the context of their surroundings so that their scale would be clear.)

Learn more about Ron at his Facebook page and Saatchi Art

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