The Self Project

Self-portraiture is a photographic genre that Jim and I have been recently discussing, and Bill has seen some of my latest in this vein.

All this has led me to reopen one of my all-time favorite books in my art library, the Phaidon Press “Five Hundred Self-Portraits”, curated by Julian Bell and covering a sweep of time from ancient Egyptian to the early 21st century. And I found myself sidetracked all morning from my usual daily agenda by diving into the work of one of my very favorite self-portrayers, Frieda Kahlo (I should mention that I am particularly fond of her “Self-Portrait With My Parrots” — but I find many, many more of her pieces, like “The Two Friedas” or “The Broken Column” to be unforgettable.)

Oh, and lest I forgot another of my favorites: Edward Steichen’s 1901 “Self-Portrait with Palette and Brush”.

So I again decided to stage a little invitational exhibition with some current correspondents who have a photographic bent.  Okay, let’s get right into it.  Read and scroll on.

leh 2/25/20


Corbin Smith

Photographing Lightning: Tucson 2013
© Corbin Smith

James Friedman

Mom and Me, 1989
© James Friedman

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Self-Portrait on a Recent Birthday (undated)
© James Friedman

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John Wallace

Via John’s iPhone: “Reading the Fucking News” 4 March 2020
© john wallace


Lawrence Hathaway

Self-Portrait In Gray (Simulated Tri-X Version) February 2020
© lawrence hathaway


28 February 2020
© lawrence hathaway

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William Wertz

left: Lawrence’s  Unauthorized Re-Interpretation / right: Bill’s Original Camera Phone Image – 2 March 2020
© william wertz