A Letter From Oman by Bill (1988)

Detail from photo of Bill in Oman (below)

In the past day, I have been searching through my storage drawers and files and boxes to see what I might still have on my old friend Bill.  So far, in addition to the hundreds of photographs, I see that I have at least a dozen letters written to me from France and the Middle East.  While living in Paris, Bill was commissioned by the Sultanate of Oman to do a stained glass dome for a new palace, which he describes and shows in the photograph below.  In this letter, he also tells me that he rejected the offer of a limousine for local transport in favor of having a BMW 635csi to drive instead, for which he obtained an Arabic driving license (despite his expired CA license).  For car buffs in the readership, he also mentioned that the royal family had numerous M-B 500s and the like, and that the architect he worked with drove a Lamborghini Countach.  Bill added that he had about six months to go, then he could get back to the “business of making art” in Paris.