how-i-photograph-myselfOnce, “back in the day”, I was visiting with my old photography partner in his studio, and he trotted out his latest find.   Bill was forever prowling garage sales, swap meets and classifieds for photographic deals, mostly looking for vintage equipment. This time, sometime in the early 70s, I think, he came up with a pristine copy of a large hardbound book, called “How I Photography Myself” by Bunny Yeager.  We found this book enjoyable on several levels.


The Young Bunny Yeager, year unknown (circa 1950?)

Now, The Selvedge Yard (TSY), a fine blog that celebrates a variety of cultural iconia, puts together a collection of Bunny Yeager photographs and memories.   I find that TSY had also put together a piece on photographer/model Yeager and model Bettie Page in 2010. Check ’em out.

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