Bigger Than Life: Bill & Jim

Bill sends along this photograph, made by Mr. Utter, of himself and Jim, his silversmith friend in a neighboring studio, together with a vintage movie camera under restoration.  For more on Bill, see this page.

Jim (l.), Bill (r.) – photo by Mr. Utter

And here’s another version, this time with photographer Mr. Utter himself included:

(left to right, Bill, Jim, Mr. Utter) – photo by Mr. Utter

And, while we are at it, here is a sculpture that silversmith Jim sits outside his studio:

The Greening of the Sculpture (Photographer Unknown)










UPDATE 6/25/2019: Bill advises that Mr. Utter has passed away, 
following a June 11 stroke.  R.I.P., Mr. Utter.
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