Herman Reflects Upon Fifty Years Past

This morning Herman, an old college roommate and longtime friend, calls.  He takes me for a holiday tour of his house in Houston, via FaceTime. 

Herman comes from a family of artists, does some painting and photography himself, collects art and has an extraordinarily gifted artist son.  As he virtually takes me from room to room and floor to floor, all the walls covered in art with pieces of sculpture here and there, we come upon one wall of photographs only, several of which bear my very own signature.  All have been forgotten by me.  Here is an example, in a FaceTime screen capture. Herman is reflected in the glass over the surface of one of the prints he reminds me that I gave him when he visited my studio in Venice sometime in the mid- or late-1970s..

Screen capture of my own ~50-year-old diptych as seen by Herman’s video on December 16, 2023.

(Monochrome variation)

(Monochrome Variation 02)

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